Cancellation Policy

We are unable to offer cancellations, modifications, store credit, or refunds on any orders before the order has been delivered to you, and you have submitted a ticket through our Help Desk to initiate the return process.

Why do we have this policy? Because few customers request modifications or cancellations, we have determined receiving products as quickly as possible is more important to our customers, and have contracted with a new fulfillment partner that ships the vast majority of orders the same business day, or the following business day. Our new system instantly submits your order details to our fulfillment partner upon successful payment being received, and the fulfillment process begins within moments. Even if your package has not been scanned by the carrier as of yet, it is in the fulfillment process, such as labels have been printed, and pick and pack may have started. Many orders are packaged at the facility, and do not begin reporting tracking until they arrive in USPS distribution. Our fulfillment partner services thousands of shipments per day, for multiple businesses, and locating a single package is not feasible.